Decision to promote all primary school students to next class

It has been decided to promote all the students of government primary schools to the next class. The teachers of the school will evaluate their own students and promote them to the next class. A letter was sent to the Department of Primary Education (DPE) on Monday. The assessment work will start from tomorrow (Tuesday) in the presence of students in the school, said the Minister of State for Primary and Mass Education. Zakir Hossain.

State Minister on Monday. Zakir Hossain told Jago News that the primary school teachers have been asked to evaluate the students in their respective classes and take them to the next class. From first to 3rd class will be taken in the next class without assessment. Those who will rise in 4th and 5th class will be promoted to the next class through evaluation.

Zakir Hossain said regular classes of primary students are being broadcast on Sangsad Television and Radio. Many teachers go to their students’ homes and do their homework. Many are communicating with the students through telephone and helping them to continue their studies. Based on these, it will be taken in 4th-5th class through evaluation.

Teachers have been trained on how to evaluate. According to him, the evaluation work will start in government primary schools from Tuesday. Teachers will provide advice and support on whether or not a student has the knowledge he or she needs to have for the next class. It has been asked to complete the work by January 1.

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