Location program in demand of Apiard certificate in Shakribi

The four-year honors course was not completed in five years by the students of the Faculty of Agriculture of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University in the capital. Other faculties of the university are in a similar situation due to Sesanjat and Corona epidemics.

It is learned that even though it has been almost five years since the admission of the 65th batch of the Faculty of Agriculture, they are still at Level-4; The final of Semester-1 (8th Semester) has not been held and the online classes of the last semester are running.

As the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) has recently issued a circular for the 43rd BCS, the students of the university are holding a sit-in program demanding the Apiard certificate.

Students held a sit-in in front of the university’s administrative building on Wednesday morning. The students then submitted their demands in writing along with the Vice-Chancellor.

The demands are- 50% of the 8th semester city quiz and 6th semester results should be averaged and the results of the 8th semester should be given or the final examination of the 8th semester should be taken by December. 8th semester online classes should be completed by December. Apply certificate should be issued after completing the final examination (theory) of the semester running from January so that one can apply for the 43rd BCS.

The students also demanded the release of the final results of the honors by the month of February.

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