China is building a dam on the Brahmaputra, India fears a water crisis

China has taken the initiative to build a huge hydropower project by building a dam on the Brahmaputra, one of the largest rivers in Asia, locally known as Yarlong Jangbo. This has created a threat of water crisis in North-East India.

According to the country’s state-run daily Global Times, China’s hydropower project could begin next year with the construction of a dam on the Brahmaputra River in Tibet as part of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan.

Naturally, India is concerned. Because most of the Brahmaputra river basin flows through India. As a result, if the dam is built, it is believed that people dependent on Brahmaputra may face various problems.

The Brahmaputra originates in the Jima Yongjang Glacier near the Kailash Peak in the Himalayas in western Tibet. After that it crossed the Brahmaputra border through Arunachal and Assam in India and entered Bangladesh.

The dam will be built over the Brahmaputra River in Tibet’s Madag County, near the Arunachal border at the entrance to India, according to an online report by China’s state-run daily Global Times.

Yan Zhiyong, chairman of China’s Power Construction Corporation, said on Sunday that there was no project equal to it in history, and that it would be a milestone in the history of China’s hydropower projects.

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