This time the ticket is showing a three minute video

TickTock was known as a shorter video platform. As a social media platform, they gained worldwide popularity with the first maximum one minute length video sharing facility. Gradually other social media also started following TickTock. That tick is now giving the opportunity to share videos up to three minutes long. At present, it is known that this facility is being given to certain users experimentally.

It is known that this new feature will allow users to upload three minutes long videos from the mobile app or computer. Matt Navarre, a social media consultant in the UK, came to the fore at first glance.

Because, Tiktak has a worldwide reputation for short videos. As a result, big platforms like YouTube and Instagram were forced to add short video features. Older users may not like it. Tiktak authorities have not yet officially said whether everyone will get the benefit of uploading a three-minute video.

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